Mr. Pierre Kakhya is well known in the Arab world as a well experienced sports marketing persona, an expert in TV broadcasting and airing rights and securing these rights and partnerships, a person who understands the nature of the sports marketing business, a person who created a new line of business, opened the opportunity for people to be involved in the business, works with governments and creates with the government the ability to defend the holder of rights status, acquire, negotiate, and work with sponsors, and massively increase the revenue from the business.

Despite his major success in the sports marketing and organizing domain, Mr. Kakhia's first career path was as far away from sports as one can imagine.[…]After 6 years Mr. Pierre Kakhia became group purchasing manager for 11 factories with a budget of 1Billion$/year however, his passion and love for sports lead him to reconsider his career track.

In the summer of 1990 Mr. Kakhia decided to take a different path in his career, so he switched from industrial advertising and marketing to sports marketing. He joined a company based in Dubai called Medsport owned by Nabil Kazemi, a well-known advertising persona.

Mr. Kakhia’s first event to manage was the PAN Arab Games, a multi discipline set of games similar to the Olympics-but for the Arab countries, in Syria in the summer of 1992. He worked at this event as a manager and was the only person on ground serving about 18 disciplines in 5 different Syrian cities (Allepo, Latkia, Humus, Damascus, and Hamah). Following this event, Mr. Kakhia, through Medsport, went on to manage several Worldcup qualifications in various Arab countries such as Qatar, U.A.E., K.S.A., including Lebanon, which held an international Football qualification. In 1992, Lebanon hosted the first international event after the civil war in Bourj Hammoud for World Cup qualification with the participation of Bahrain, Singapore, and Korea. Mr. Kakhia describes the games as being fully crowded.

In the same year, Mr. Kakhia had launched with the U.A.E. Football Association, the first Naming Right of the local league. Mr. Kakhia sold the league to “Al-Mashrak Bank” and continued to manage it for the coming year. It is important to note here that acquiring a sponsorship from commercial business such as a bank had never happened before in an Arab country, and Mr. Kakhia was the first to secure such a sponsorship deal in an Arab country.

In 1993 Mr. Kakhia got and accepted an offer from the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Marketing Limited where he was asked to join on behalf of the AFC the Qatar Football Association as marketing manager. He worked for 2 years for Qatar F.A.

From 1994 till 2015, Mr. Kakhia was assigned to handle the Asian Football Confederation events. During these 21 years, Mr. Kakhia managed, marketed, and supervised many international and national events including the Gulf Cup 1994, 96, 98, 2004, 06, 13,  AFC Asian Cup in Abou Dhabi (1996), Lebanon (2000), and Qatar (2011), qualification games for the FIFA World Cup in France(1998), Japan and South Korea (2002), Germany (2006), South Africa (2010), and Brazil (2014), in addition to several Asian Cup tournaments and championships for individuals under 19 and under 17 years of age, Asian Cup for Futsal, and Olympic qualifications.

In 1997, the company called for the right to manage and organize events for the Asian Basketball Federation (formerly known as the Asian Basketball Confederation (ABC)). The company obtained these rights and assigned Mr. Kakhia to take care of organizing events for the ABC since he was already in charge of all Middle Eastern activities and due to his good relationship with the Lebanese Broadcasting Company (LBC) and Antione Choueiri. Due to the previously mentioned factors, Mr. Kakhia was asked to organize the Basketball Clubs Cup in Lebanon in 1999 which he describes as the a “turnkey point for the basketball in Lebanon” being the “most profitable, popular, amazing, beautiful, successful event they organized gathering nearly half a million Lebanese citizens to the final game”. The Sagesse club won the 1999 Lebanese basketball clubs cup and became the first Arab basketball club to qualify to the World Basketball Clubs Cup which took place in Milan, Italy. Due to the massive success of this event, Mr. Antoine Choueiri asked Mr. Kakhia to organize the Basketball Clubs Cup event for the year 2000. Just like the first event, the second event was a massive success and the Sagesse club won the tournament for the second year.

In 2001, Mr. Kakhia established the West Asian Football Confederation (WAFF) which was located in Jordan and headed by Prince Ali bin Al Hussein. WAFF includes 6 founding countries: Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Palestine, Iran, and Iraq in addition to other countries that joined the WAFF later after its formation: Qatar, U.A.E., Yemen, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman and Saudi Arabia. Mr. Kakhia notes that the WAFF is currently inactive due to internal policy conflicts and hopes that the confederation will become active soon.

2009 was the year in which Mr. Kakhia was elected president of the Lebanese Basketball Federation. During his presidency era, Mr. Kakhia was able to get the International Basketball Association (FIBA) to recognize Lebanon and was able to secure one of the four wild cards to the 2010 FIBA World Championship in Turkey. The Three other countries that got a wild card to the 2010 FIBA World Championship were Russia, Germany, and Lithuania.
In addition, during his period, the Lebanese female basketball team was promoted from B level to A level.

During his office years in the company, Mr. Kakhia was able to increase the company’s income from TV rights from 300,000$ (1992-6) to 300,000,000$ (2013- present) and increased Middle Eastern companies involvement in AFC sponsorship from 0% to 40% which made the Middle East the second most important source of income for the AFC. In addition he introduced the title league, managed numerous marketing plans and strategies, and was able to get several companies to sponsor the AFC such as the Emirates Airline, Pepsi, Qatar Petroleum, QMB, and Abu Dhabi Airports.

Mr. Kakhia serves as President of West Asia at World Sport Group Pte. Ltd (WSG) and governs and manages their operations in the Middle East from its Beirut offices.